Leveraging your aircraft records to boost efficiency using Aircraft records digitization and management

The 21st century is said to be a century of technology. Various technological advancements have been observed in this duration;

The 21st century is said to be a century of technology. Various technological advancements have been observed in this duration; & many more are expected to be launched in the coming years. With technology, the problem-solving approach and requirements have evolved, as performing a task is now easier and efficient with the best case in time complexity. From paying a fee to booking a ticket, it is far simpler with technology and manages the information about the transaction in soft.

The Aviation industry is said to be an advanced tertiary sector, with the use of hi-tech technology to improve passengers’ experience which makes the journey much more feasible. Interestingly, the technical and MRO side of the aviation sector are still managing their records in the paper. But as the world is observing a gradual shift from paper to digital format, the Aircraft Maintenance and Asset Management industry is trying to keep up with this trend as there is no reason to oppose it. Let’s explore the benefits of this technological change in the Aviation Sector.

Ways to boost efficiency using Aircraft records digitization & management services

Convenient methodology

Many processes of aviation are currently managed digitally via smartphones through dedicated applications. So definitely adopting a digital method for managing the technical records or compliance for an Aircraft is much more convenient. With digital technology, you can manage your technical records “on the go” as well. You can access all archived documents anytime and anywhere. Everything is laid under the click of your fingertips, which can be operated through any browsing device with a stable internet connection.

Decluttering the stack of documents

In 2020, some organizations still have the love and faith in the paper. It does not matter if it is about the record-keeping for “day-to-day” transactions or preparing a summarized or compiled report of records for the end of lease aircraft transition. The paper seems to win the preference title. The stacks of documents are stored off-site that may be miles away from the location of aircraft operation. This method makes the task of data retrieval a very cumbersome process and needs to be fixed.

The real challenge in the aviation industry today is the rapid reduction of the fleet by operators and managing the records. Aircraft record digitization can help tackle the situation.

Promotional push from various organizations

Some organizations try to justify their act of inefficiency and “black & white” document storage by quoting airworthiness requirements. These requirements are evolving with time; and many regulatory like EASA and FAA are now recommending the use of digital records management systems to improve efficiency. These regulators have also issued formal circulars and advisories for the same.

Part of business continuity planning

Presently, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many restrictions are imposed on travel & the only way to access all the documents is through digital mode. This evolution, according to the external environment, is a part of business continuity planning and plays a vital role in the boost of the business. Now you can’t expect to travel around the globe to look through bundles of papers. Thus, it is a time to say this manual activity a “big goodbye” as it is an urgent need of the hour. This approach of smart management through technology will also save money and time on travel.


So there are many reasons to switch to the implementation of digital records management system. Just due to human resistivity, the development process of business can’t be stopped. And hopefully, the discussed benefits are enough to convince the aircraft owners and operators to accept this change. As most aviation industry services are grounded now, this is the appropriate time to switch for digitization. Now go paperless and manage the complete life cycle of the record on the fingertips. Even the archived documents can be shared via the cloud without data redundancy

AirFleet Managers feel proud to announce their services for aircraft records digitization services. Reach out to us with your requirements and we would be happy to offer a customized solution to your business needs.

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